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Plant Selection Designer's Choice in Charlotte, NC | Dear Sunchild
Plant Selection
Designer's Choice
Surprise all your plant-loving friends with this Designer’s Choice just because! Send them a beautiful plant that’s made perfectly for them by our expert florists. We know the perfect plant to prepare that your friends are sure to love. Surprise them today!
Shown at $70.00
Shown at $70.00
Blooming Peace Lily House Plant in Charlotte, NC | Dear Sunchild
Blooming Peace Lily
House Plant
Bring peace and harmony to any space with the Peace Lily Plant. These plants are perfect for any space since they thrive in shady areas and can tolerate fluorescent lights. Great for experienced or newbie plant owners, you can give this plant as a gift to convey hope and love. Please note that this plant is toxic to pets.
Shown at $55.00
Shown at $55.00
ZZ PLANT $75.00
Fiddle Leaf Fig House Plant in Charlotte, NC | Dear Sunchild
Fiddle Leaf Fig
House Plant
This stunning plant makes the perfect addition to any room! The Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow as tall as 6ft tall. With lots of water and indirect sunlight, this plant is sure to add a tropical feel to any room. Please note this plant is toxic to animals.
Shown at $75.00
Shown at $75.00
Plant Special Designer's Choice in Charlotte, NC | Dear Sunchild
Plant Special
Designer's Choice
Capture the beauty of nature with a stunning fresh plant presented by our expert florists! We’ve picked the perfect plant for you. You don’t need an excuse to take it home—its liveliness is enough! Brighten up your home with our Plant Special today!
Shown at $45.00
Shown at $45.00

Order A Lush Plant Today!

Are you in need of a unique gift? Why not send them a beautiful plant? With leafy greens, pretty blooms, and fun succulents, Dear Sunchild is happy to help with your plant gift.

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Important Plant Thoughts

Pet Friendly: Before sending someone a plant, ensure it is pet friendly if the recipient has a furry friend.

Care Of: Remember the experience of the person receiving the plant. If they are new to plants, try a snake plant! If they are more advanced, try a fiddle leaf.

The Meaning Behind Plants: Plants have different meanings and work well in certain situations. Peace lilies are typical for funeral services, while an orchid would be perfect as a housewarming gift.

Plant Delivery

We offer delivery to Charlotte and surrounding areas. This includes local funeral homes and hospitals. So give us today or order online so we can take care of all your plant needs.